hi sexy

This is my handsome, talented, lovely, sweet, kind, annoyingly-likes-tv-a-bit-too-much, smart darling (now) husband, George no-middle-name Seemon. He’s an architect and partner at Stapati, Bangalore and moonlights as a photographer

{ His, now, nice wife has asked for profile photos, out of desperate necessity (She has been using 5 year old photos for any photo-requirements) but he is yet to comply. Hence I may remove a few loving adjectives from his above description. }

He also makes fantastic chai but I’m not allowed to tell anyone because it’s too much chai-making-pressure. 

My name is Alicia long-middle-name Souza and I am an illustrator. I also own a little company. I make terrible chai but pretty decent chocolate muffins. 


We got legally married on 3rd December 2016.

We live in Bangalore, India and we have two furry children; Charles-Brown Whimperbug Souza & Henry-Oats Scurrywinkle Seemon. I believe they look JUST like George. Everyone agrees! Ok I never asked but I'm sure everyone would agree. Just look at them!