So, remember how I said I would make a wedding announcement somehow….well....


I was going to start with the corny bits, but let me instead start by saying sorry that I’m not the bride you probably expected to have, especially when at other times I’m a walking talking Valentine's card. Sorry that I’m stubborn beyond belief when you tried to change my mind and I’m secretly seriously excited that I totally won the only argument we ever had. Sorry love! (Also best of luck with these stubborn genes when our unborn children become teenagers.)

Thank you for being the best boyfriend, lover and now, well, husband I could ever dream of. For compromising when I’m refusing to budge, for being loving when I want to punch you in the face and for being helpful when I’m shy to call the waiter to order another naan. 

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.31.26 PM.png

Thank you for bringing Henry-oats into our lives and making Charlie really peeved that he’s not the only child anymore. God, I love you three! And thank you for being my (third) best friend. (I’ve upgraded you. Sorry you came late into my life. Wait in line, buddy!) 

I love you lots. I’m bored of typing. 

Yours forever. and ever. and ever. 


PS: Also, I was totally serious that if Richard Gere comes into my presence, I’m sorry in advance about my unpredictable behaviour.